Friday, May 8, 2009

Fab is God and Gaga is my Guru

By Aqua Catlin

Pop Artist, Musician, Art Installation, Fashionista, Lady Gaga is all artist. She's kind of a female counterpart to Brandon Flowers of The Killers in talent, fun, honest expression, performance value and especially in obsession with shoulder silhouette and embellishment. Is this a secret symbol for Pop Superheroism? She, takes it ever further with her “disco-stick”, a scepter ala royal [pop] coronation.

Sophisticated in her taste and art beyond what Britney and Jessica can everrr hope for, she glorifies the glorious, Symbols of wealth, femininity and strength, sex and most importantly, symbols of Fabulous. The God I, and hopefully you, worship.

Gaga moved out of her home at 17 to support herself as a stripper and artist in Manhattan and loved the independence that gave her. God love that Lady. She vows always to be honest, never lip-sync and her hope is that her work, “will always be beautiful and that it will change lives.” Well, I don’t know about that – its pop - but it is beautiful. Her brilliant use of color, her hard work and total immersion in the pieces she presents – whether it be the music (she writes her own and its pop perfection), the dance, the gorgeously stylized music videos and photo shoots or the costumes she designs herself – always stunning and visually delectable.

“She”, meaning Lady Gaga, not necessarily the “honest” 23 year old Stefani Germanotta hidden and kept safe under many many layers of wigs, makeup and clothes), is extremely feminine but seems to focus on the strength women can draw from slathering on the femme and its symbols, rather than just exposing themselves (Britney), or looking pretty, (Miley). God! Bow ties made of hair on top of her head and patent pink high heels in bed! Full length sheer catsuits with pasties over the nipples. What?! I love that she loves 50s silhouettes with mod updates ala the Poker Face video, where instead of the traditional flower at hip and hat, she chose a patch of mirrorball viking spikes yet the silhouette is the same. See it here

Always in a headpiece and knuckle cut-out gloves. Her face is always made-up not with plain old pretty makeup but dark glasses, heavy eyeshadow, lashes hiding her eyes and oft seen covering half her face - facepaint. Her exposing her face, midriff, hands or head – I’ve yet to see. She certainly doesn’t show the person behind the art. But its ok. We wouldn’t have cared about her without all this.

She’s creating herself. Its the ultimate imitation of and salute to the creator and makes me Gaga to take a ride on the disco stique too. She reminds me of me at her age, except she’s articulate, artistic and confident. She knows who she wants to be and that’s who she’s projecting. Gaga is my guru. She could be the new Cher, (but no one can ever replace you, Mamma.) She’s taking everything that’s come before her, somehow making it better, and selling it back to us. That’s fashion. She sells it. I’m buying it.

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