Sunday, May 10, 2009

ain't coo-coo for gaga

Frédérik here, with a different (opposing?) viewpoint to Aqua’s in regards to Lady Gaga, which isn’t really much of a viewpoint since I generally couldn’t possible care less about a musician whose stage name is an infantile utterance. I mean, really. Gaga? Same goes for the generic po- po- pop music she puts out – just not my thing. It sounds like all the rest of the electro-tinged, lyrically inane mainstream. That’s just my opinion.

But as a sort of fashionista, or anti-fashionista, or wtf?-fashionista, the Lady deserves some respect for setting her own style and playing by her own rules, however inscrutable. If nothing else, she illustrates what I may have to egotistically refer to as Frédérik’s Fashion Rule No. 2: if you’re going to dress atrociously, you might as well be imaginative and fearless about it. See Bobby Trendy. As a music teacher of mine once said, the world loves a colourful person. And while I don’t know about the love part, the world certainly does remember a colourful person. Case in point: Bjork and the notorious swan dress designed by Marjan Pejoski. For Lady Gaga, I’m not sure about the whole 80’s leotard back-to-the-future thing, but, as they say, whatever.

The immoral of the story, then, is that Lady Gaga, whom I will not go googoo over, follows in the tradition embodied by everyone from David Bowie to Elton John, Cher to Gwen Stefani. Whether she stands or not is strictly a matter of opinion. If anything, though, it’s an opportunity to think about just how important fashion is to music. The concert, not merely notes strummed on a guitar or vocalized through a microphone, is of course a theatrical experience. I have to wonder, though, to what extend the need for reinvention, for stylistic mutability (to be highfalutin about it) creates and hinders a signature style. I risk digressing, though. The question is: how have your favourite musicians used fashion to enhance their musical career? Comments directly below.

For my answer, I turn to Chris Isaac, who is not only unafraid to wear pink suits and the like, but stops the show with a mirrored suit that makes him look like a walking disco ball. Brilliant. Memorable. Fun. Heck, it’s even stylish. I've seen other singers and bands, but it's the disco suit that stays with me.

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Aqua Catlin said...

Hmmmm. When's lunch?! (Gaga refers to the sound of Queen.) Thanks for responding, we should do more of that!

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