Thursday, April 23, 2009

fashionoclast is go!

C'mon in, reader. The blog water is fine. (Not the bong water, mind you; the blog water.) The Fashionoclast, an ambitious fashion blog associated with The Front Page Online, is officially go! Feel free to poke around. Make yourself at home. Aqua and I are working on getting settled into a groove, but we've got plenty for you to chew on in the meantime as we iron out the kinks and trim away all the oddly juxtaposed metaphors.

Housekeeping-wise, we have

...the obligatory inaugural post, explaining what what The Fashionoclast is all about. explanation of this spiffy lil' award we'll be handing out to products we love.

Beyond all the dusting and sweeping that comes with launching a blog, Aqua and I both have gotten the ball rolling with our first official topical posts. Scroll down, or click here for Aqua's and here for mine. The only question is, how many clich├ęd metaphors can I use in a blog post? Let me count...

Please send us your comments, your thoughts, your ideas. If you see something you'd like us to review or discuss, let us know.

If you're a designer, vendor, or any sort of creative and you have a product or servie you think we'd like to write about, we want to hear from you too.

Again, welcome!

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