Thursday, April 30, 2009

Color Match Bra by MySkins, Inc. Matching what exactly?

By Aqua Catlin

As promised, I’m reviewing my recent purchase, the convertible bra by, “MySkins bras...designed to be invisible, and to keep the attention on you.”

The silhouette is gorgeous. Very womanly. My bosoms look BIG, round and high. Its heaven. An aesthetic draw-back is that the bra is so foamy-fabricy it looks like I’m wearing a hand drawn cartoon shape across my chest. Its clean looking but not pretty and I suggest they hire me to add pretty to this support miracle. Was NASA involved? Take the thing off and lay it down and it stands up by itself.

It does not need me like I need it... And I will buy more. I wish they came in other colors and with more pretty details because, I feel feisty and feminine beyond all other females when I work this thing.

Bust…oops, I mean, “but”, invisible? Nopey-nope. I got A's in my color theory classes and I’ve assisted selection of colors for public buildings… so selection of the specific nude was my best. But its visible – way more so than my other nude bras. They also sent me a color card and I studiously pressed it against my boosies for a quarter hour and I’m telling you, there is nothing they have that matches my flesh. Sad face.

I purchased the convertible in “Honey” and its too orange. Today I wore a drapey white blouse as the final color test and have ended up showing much more that I’d ever want. If the shape weren’t so cartoon-like I’d feel like a hussy.

Unfortunately the skin-matching nude is the company’s major selling point, in my opinion, a marketing mistake compared to the wonderful job the thing does as a bra. Who cares what color it is when “they” look this big?

Here’s a pic showing:
1. The silhouette. Work-eht, okaaay, snap.
2. The warm peach color brazenly offered from below my blouse.
3. Minor bruising still below my eyes from my nose job and the perfectly matching eyeshadow
Next week, Lady Gaga.

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Anonymous said...

Bras, schmas. Lady Gaga... Genius? Can't wait to read the Fashionoclast perspective.

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