Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fashionoclast Fantastic! Seal of Fashion

File under...Fabulous! The Fashionoclast Fantastic! Seal of Fashion, in the form of a snazzy little graphic for display on websites and a link on the Fashionoclast homepage, is awarded to individuals, businesses, and/or products that have been personally tried, tested, approved and judged to fully embody the Fashionoclast spirit of fashionable fun, individuality, and outside-the-shoe-box thinking.

To receive a seal, a product or service must:
…consist of apparel, footwear, jewelry, accessories, or health/beauty/style products and services.
…be unique in some way, or provide an unconventional spin on familiar fashion items.
…be in a price range accessible to most people and not just those who only breathe imported Fiji air. something classic, timeless. In other words, with enough stylistic stamina to be more than a passing trend.
To receive an exclusive GOLD seal, a product or service must also:
…be available to both men and women because, dagnabit, that’s the way we do things here at the Fashionoclast. Inclusivity is good.
We’re always on the lookout for exciting products to review and, potentially, receive a Fantastic! Seal of Fashion. We seek out products by exploring both the internet and the real world. Of course, it’s a big world out there, and we can’t possibly keep track of it all. So if you feel your unique fashion piece deserves a closer look, we’d love to see it. Please get more information on how to submit by reaching out to Frédérik at:


or Aqua at:


(Obviously, replace the at with an “@” and the dot with a “.”.)

If, for whatever reason, we don’t offer a Fashionoclast Fantastic! Seal of Fashion, fret not. We will always post snark-free reviews with a friendly attitude for all products we receive - because the world is a nicer place if we try to help each other rather than tear each other down.

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